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Shopping: Online or in-store?

I was going to leave a version of this post on (for some reason the link buttons don’t seem to work in Chrome) as a comment, but decided it would make more sense on its own, because it was about … Continue reading

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It seems they’ve painted bike lanes on the street I’ve been meaning to use for interval practice.  Well, it’s not so much a bike lane bordered by white lines as it is a line drawing of a bike (like the … Continue reading

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Fun with Whole Foods

C and I went to Whole Paycheck Whole Foods on Monday.  Now, going to Whole Paycheck when broke (especially the GIANT one we have here) is possibly the worst idea ever, but their fruit selection is a lot better than … Continue reading

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I guess I should introduce myself, more so than I did in my last post. You can call me Owlie.  I’ve been cycling for a year, knitting for five and a bit, and causing trouble for longer than either.  Completion … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Going Whole Cog, a blog.  I wanted a title that would reflect all of what I would likely be writing about–cycling, knitting, and food, mostly–but I couldn’t think of one, so we’re stuck with this. I’ll be posting … Continue reading


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