Hello again…

I’ve just come off the tail end of a really rough quarter.  The good news is that my 4.0 is safe, I made my trainer time goals for December and February (but missed January’s by four hours), and made my downwardly-revised goal of 800 miles for 2011. 2012’s goal: 1000.

I took some time off studying for my finals and went for a little ride…which turned into a 33-miler.  Here are some pictures from my study break:

These were, of course, taken before the arrival of the absurdly early spring…which happened a few days later.

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1 Response to Hello again…

  1. babygreens says:

    That looks like a great ride, and your bike is completely at home with those blue skies. It’s been beautiful here too, I think I’ve done more riding than ever before.

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