June…on to July!

Total miles for June: 162.  Longest ride: 34.  Shortest: 3. What I learned this month: Riding in high humidity is not fun, especially if you’re riding somewhere without shade.  (That was my three-mile ride.  I tootled around my neighborhood for a little bit and went home.)  Riding in the rain, however, is actually more fun than you’d think.  Cleaning the bike afterward, less so.  If I’m going to continue to ride in the rain, I need new tires.  (Well, Shannon took care of that for me.  Thank you!)  Finally, a new saddle can make a world of difference.  I can take my hands off the bars, which is something I have never been able to do up until now.  I’m still not at a point where I can grab water bottles or take things out of my jersey pockets, but I’m slowly gaining confidence. This is the first year I’ve put some serious miles on the bike, and even so, I’m still really at a mid-first season level in terms of mileage.  I’m still in the neighborhood of 20-30 miles.  Right now I’m a little unwilling to do too much (since I burned myself out last year), and since I got a new saddle, my knees have been somewhat unhappy for the first few miles.

My goal is 200 for July.  Let’s see if I can manage it.


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