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Scandalous, right?¬† ūüėČ I speak today of a particular type, known only to cyclists and those who spend a good deal of time around them.¬† What I speak of is new-bike lust. There’s the specific kind–you get a sort of … Continue reading

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A very socky post, and the pictures I promised

The basket rib socks are done, as I said a while ago. Even though both skeins were ostensibly the same dye lot, I was really surprised by the difference in striping. ¬†(I used one for each sock.) ¬†Overall, I do … Continue reading

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Shopping: Online or in-store?

I was going to leave a version of this post on¬† (for some reason the link buttons don’t seem to work in Chrome) as a comment, but decided it would make more sense on its own, because it was about … Continue reading

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Christmas loot and a NYE ride

First, a quick update: Grad school app progress: Two down, three to go. I really do need to blog more often, don’t I? ¬†At the very least, it’ll give the spambots something to do. ¬†Christmas has come and gone, and … Continue reading

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